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To play and to grow is the birth right of every child, and to facilitate that is our foremost duty.


To render the state of the art speciality pediatric care under one roof, at a cost which is affordable to the masses, with human touch, compassion and empathy, so as to make a difference in lives of disabled children and their parents; thus creating a centre of excellence in true sense.


An integrated approach towards growth and development of a child is pivotal for maximum expression of every child’s potential. We believe that providing services of pediatric orthopaedic and pediatric neurology under one roof with complimentary allied rehabilitation services, does make a difference. We understand the task is arduous, the journey is a challenge, and the destination is a continuous process, albeit fulfilling.


Dr. Varsha Vaidya- M.D Pediatrcs, Fellow Pediatric neurology- Mumbai, Seoul (South Korea)

Dr.Viranchi Vaidya M.S. orthopaedics, fellow pediatric orthopaedics- Seoul, South Korea Patrons:

Our inspiration and continuous support

Dr.Vaidehi Vaidya

Dr.Narendra Vaidya


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Colony Nursing Home | Plot No.60
Shivdutt Housing Society
N-8,South Road, CIDCO,Aurangabad-431003 | For Appointment Contact:9405302073

Direct: (0240)2482779 | Fax: (100) 000-2222


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