Botulinum Toxin Fact Sheet

  • Botox is a drug made from botulism toxin.

  • Botox has been used in children with cerebral palsy for over last 20 years.

  • It has been shown to help children with cerebral palsy and related conditions such as other neuromuscular diseases in several ways. It can help children who have problems with the muscle tone in their arms, legs and trunk. And it has been shown to be useful in children who have troubles with daily activities, such as sitting and walking.

  • The use of Botox has also been shown to delay the need for surgery.

  • The drug is injected into the muscles that are spastic (overactive or too tight). By injecting this drug, the muscles may loosen up.

  • The effect of the medicine is not long-term and usually the duration lasts three to six months.

  • At three month intervals, repeat injections may be given if the muscles become tight again.

  • Anticipated problems-: The most common problems with children after injections are soreness in their legs with some redness near the injection sites. These problems are usually short-term and go away in one to two days. The onset of the muscle weakness is noted several days after injection at its maximum effect. There is a low risk of allergic reaction.

  • Purpose: The purpose of injection is to make certain muscles weak to allow better motor and functional control of spastic muscles. After the injections, a child may feel generally weak and tired.

  • Since its use, Botox has shown marked improvement in function and motor control when injected and may be of benefit to a child.

  • Botox does not replace other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that might benefit spastic kid. The advantages are that this is minimally invasive and may delay the onset of surgery in the future, while maximizing posture control and helping rehabilitation.


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