Cerebral palsy clinic

Cerebral palsy management requires multidisciplinary approach and team efforts to maximize the potential of a spastic kid with delayed motor milestones.

A pediatric neurologist looks after the neurological growth and development of the kid along with management of associated problems like epilepsy.

A pediatric orthopaedic surgeon caters to the needs of orthopaedic problems evolving during growth of the child including muscle tightness, joint contracture and joint dislocation and spinal deformities

A pediatric physical therapist has to work on the overall rehabilitation of the child and works on muscle strength, muscle flexibility, control over joints and movement patterns.

Clinical psychologist, special educator, clinical nutritionist, orthotics specialist and occupational therapist work on different areas of child’s growth and development and thus help him /her reach maximum potential

Decisions of management are interlinked and interdependent between different specialists rendering care.

Hence at KPOND a special cerebral palsy clinic is conducted on a specified date where all the specialist evaluate the child together, discuss and plan the management protocol which is communicated to the parents and the child ( if feasible) and keep a close follow up.


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