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Physical fitness is an important component in the well being of an individual and forms an important part of the definition of health as defined by WHO

Physical exercise is the most efficient way of achieving this goal

Physical exercise is defined as leisure time physical activity

It has four basis components-

1. Aerobic exercises for cardio respiratory endurance. i.e. to make our heart ( which pumps oxygen rich blood for the body) and lungs ( which take off impure carbon dioxide from blood and mix it with oxygen.

2. Strengthening exercises for increasing the strength of skeletal muscles which in turn have a significant impact on bone and joint strength.

3. Flexibility exercises- to improve the stretchibility of muscle tendon unit , which is important to maintain normal joint and spine function

4. Body composition- the percent of body fat and fat free mass has to be maintained as excess body fat is a risk factor for life style associated disease like, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and ischemic heart disease.

At Viva Fitness Academy, we strive to engage population in a proper mix of exercises, so that all the components of fitness are achieved and maintained.

Being placed in a clinical background, it’s safer for population with lifestyle associated disease like diabetes and hypertension to perform exercises under supervision and guidance of orthopaedic surgeon and family physician.


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